Meet Our Keynote Speaker

JOSH BRAHM is the President and Co-Founder of Equal Rights Institute. He has worked in the pro-life movement since he was 18. After 12 years of full-time pro-life work he launched Equal Rights Institute in 2014 to maximize his impact for the movement.
A sought-after speaker, Josh has spoken for more than 23,000 people in six
countries and in 22 of the 50 states.
Josh’s primary passion is helping pro-life people to be more persuasive when they communicate with pro-choice people. That means ditching faulty rhetoric and tactics and embracing arguments that hold up under philosophical scrutiny.
He has publicly debated leaders from Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Georgians for Choice, and one of the leading abortion facilities in Atlanta.

“Josh Brahm is one of the brightest, most articulate, and innovative people in the pro-life movement. His cutting-edge work is helping people think more clearly, communicate more effectively, and — most importantly — be better ambassadors for Christ.”

David Bareit

Director for 40 days for Life